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Virginia Hey is a talented actress who has been in demand internationally as an actress, and celebrity public speaker for the last 35 years.

Miss Hey has a very impressive international career and biography starring in many multi award-winning Films & TV series: Road Warrior/Mad Max 2; The Living Daylights; Farscape; Dr Who Audio book; Prisoner Cellblock H and many Australian TV series. She has graced billboards across America and is multi nominated, both in Australia and internationally. Miss Hey 's career is highly regarded by fans all over the world, and she already has a large and enthusiastic fanbase due to her high profile roles: The celebrated TV series Farscape, and being one of the leads in Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior);  with the success of the 



new Mad Max film, Miss Hey's profile has further increased significantly. Her list of credits can be seen at the International Movie Data Base, IMDB, where she has rated consistently within the top 6000 actresses/celebrities in the world. IMDB:

In 2017 Miss Hey will take on the film roles as a 'Dark Ascension' demon, a 'Devils Dandruff' mother, and three other roles in negotiations!

Virginia Hey also handmakes luxurious soaps and perfumes for her business ''White Flower Lei''. Soaps/perfumes made fresh for each order. Handmade with love using exquisite extravagant ingredients. The Perfect Gift .. When Only The Best Will Do!