​​​​​V I R G I N I A   H E Y 


                            A B O U T   

​​''I have been passionate about Art my whole life.. Fine Art.. Performing Art.. Perfumers Art.. Photographic Art.. Design.. Fashion Direction/Production.. the Art of Physiology and the Anatomy of Body, Mind & Spirit.''

Virginia Hey is best known throughout the world as a high profile actress with an extensive list of acting credits, and a 40 year track history with the entertainment, fashion, natural health and beauty industry. Born in Sydney, Australia, Ms. Hey divided her life between Sydney, Los Angeles and London. 

Virginia's career in front of the camera started as a high fashion model whilst she was studying Fine Arts in 1970. By 1977 she moved into full time modelling. Modelling distracted her course away from Fine Arts, but Virginia soon found herself snapped-up by casting folk and began her acting career. Acting was fascinating to Virginia because it was an intense creative art, and also because it provided her with work in a field she loved. ''film''. She had majored in Photography at Art School.

in 1981 Virginia stepped into her first film role opposite Mel Gibson in "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" as the "Warrior Woman". Since then, Ms. Hey has also appeared as a main cast member alongside numerous international stars, including George C. Scott in Mussolini, Heath Ledger in Roar, James Bond 007 Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights, Christopher Atkins in Signal One, and Ben Browder and Claudia Black in Farscape, where she played the award-nominated blue priestess "Zhaan". (1999-2004)
Her list of credits can be seen at the International Movie Data Base, IMDB, where she has rated consistently within the top 6000 actresses/celebrities in the world. 

IMDB: http://www.imdb.me/virginiahey

In the late 70s, 80's and 90's Virginia returned to her studies inbetween modelling and acting, this time to pursue a deeper understanding of Health, Wellbeing and fitness and the relationship between Body Mind Spirit. She had been a devotee of Meditation since she was 14, and later, as a model, enjoyed a wellbeing regime that sparked further interest. In 1992 Ms Hey embarked on a triple diploma course of Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Herbal Medicine from which she was distracted due to film offers. Over the years Ms Hey used her public spotlight to bring attention to natural health, wellbeing and beauty regimes, and was a regular popular guest on Australian chat shows, which led her in turn to begin teaching health, nutrition, beauty and meditation all over the world.

Virginia says "Studying and practising Natural Therapies all throughout my life served me well and created the core of me, created the solid grounded foundation I needed to be able to excel in my various art pursuits through my life that demanded I tap into a heightened state of imagination while creating.  Painters, poets, directors, actors, musicians, authors, designers, inventors etc, can potentially feel a disconnect with life if they have nothing to ground them. I was very fortunate to have a very strong grounding kind of umbilical cord of studies and interests that keep me with both feet on the ground throughout life in the world of art and celebrity.'

In the mid to late 90's in Australia, in-between acting roles, Virginia returned to her original Art and fashion roots and was invited to be a freelance fashion and still-life stylist for fashion magazines. She excelled at this and was subsequently offered a fashion editor post in Sydney for "For Me", and due to her Couture styling was also offered a post at "Bride to Be" magazines until she distracted again by a film role, and stepped into the iconic acting role of "Zhaan" on Farscape, for which she was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Miss Hey was brought to the USA in 2001 on the wave of Farscapes global success. She received her "Alien of Extraordinary Ability" Greencard in 2002 and settled into Santa Monica, California, USA until May 2012 when she embarked on a Appearance tour of the UK for 3 years and eventually settled in the UK where she currently resides. Ms Hey is single and lives in Wiltshire, England.

Virginia is a fan favourite at Comiccon Appearances due to her friendly chatty disposition. She has travelled extensively throughout the world invited to greet fans at Celebrity Appearances at Comiccons each month for the past 17 years. From 2000 through to this year, 2017 where she has bookings each month all the way till 2018. Please see my Facebook and Twitter pages for current news on my Appearances.

Handmade perfumed products - While Virginia was in the USA from 2001-2012 she worked further on her Art and design skills. And having made perfumes for herself for 30 years, Miss Hey was convinced by thousands of fans at conventions across the US in 2001 to offer her perfume publicly. In 2002 Virginia worked tirelessly on two exquisite candle, soap and perfume lines, ''White Flower Lei'' and ''Virginia Hey Couture'', both launched in Fred Segal Los Angeles. Ms Hey no longer makes candles, but continues to handmade her White Flower Lei soaps and perfumes to this day! 2002-2017.

Virginia Hey's entire adult career has been in the public eye and on television and in the media as an Entertainer, Spokeswoman, Artist, Designer and Actress. Virginia has devoted her life to her art in all forms!

''I have been passionate about Art my whole life.. Fine Art.. Performing Art.. Perfumers Art.. Photographic Art.. Design.. Fashion Direction/Production.. the Art of Physiology and the Anatomy of Body, Mind & Spirit.''


Virginia Hey handmakes luxurious soaps and perfumes for her business ''White Flower Lei''.  2002-2017. Soaps/perfumes made fresh for each order. Handmade with love using exquisite extravagant ingredients. 

The Perfect Gift .. When Only The Best Will Do!