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 All content on this site is the sole property of Virginia Hey and must not be copied without Miss Heys permission.                                                    


Meditation is non religious. It is a relaxing, self healing, de-stress technique. 
You can heal, relax, and feel more radiantly beautiful and peaceful through meditations designed by Virginia Hey, meditation teacher, devotee of health and well-being and certified natural therapist.

''A wonderful change is near for all of us, we will grow stronger together, and more capable of reaching our full potential.''

''In the 1960s I became attracted by the fact that there is more to us than just flesh and blood. I was 14. This began a lifelong pursuit for information about the correlation between Mind, Body and Soul. Information hard to come by in those early days.''

I developed into a devotee of Meditation along the way. And in the mid 90s I became a Meditation teacher in my spare time. (Yes, before Farscape). Many people have asked me how this came about, so Ive put together a section called ''Virginia a Teacher''. (Scroll down the page)

I refer to my Meditations as "The Key of Life Meditation ©" My meditations contain all you need to support you toward a well balanced full life.  They are my number one secret to beauty, health and wellbeing!

De-stressing, healing, Highest Guidance connecting, relaxing meditations designed for each classes needs. Duration 90 minutes. 

Key of Life Meditation ©

 Virginia is a believer that Meditation is the key to life, the key to beauty, health and wellbeing from the inside out, and a key that links your inner environment with the healing beauty of peace.

"I discovered a 'key' to life and Im keen to share it. That key is meditation, guided meditation. It is the foundation to us, without it life can be chaotic."

In our busy world, the 'key' is quiet time to de-stress, heal, re-group thoughts, find motivation, wisdom, peace and relaxation. All vital for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Miss Hey calls her Meditation style "The Key of Life Meditation ©"

Virginia has formulated a very simple and deeply relaxing balancing meditation. There are no baffling techniques or terminology, just simple relaxation techniques coupled with her soothing words of guidance and fun visualization techniques. Virginia Hey’s meditations are for everyone!
The meditations are guided by Virginia, who speaks softly in a friendly, healing tone as you relax, lying on the floor with your head resting on your bag.​

​See general CLASS INFORMATION below, scroll down.


Meditation, the #1 Prescription

60% of doctor visits are the result of stress related conditions. Meditation will reduce blood pressure, stimulate immune function, train the mind, and reshape the brain to defuse stress.” Time magazine August 2004

Now that mass scientific studies have been done to prove that meditation assists in lowering blood pressure, strengthening and balancing immune function, de-stressing, assisting with healing and promoting a more peaceful and balanced physiology, Meditation has become almost the number one prescription for doctors to give patients!

Benefits of Meditation: 

  • Mindfulness - Calming the mind and being.​
  • Stress release & relaxation. 
  • Helping to heal an illness. 
  • Strengthen Immune function. 
  • Lower blood pressure. 
  • Improve confidence. 
  • Improve sleep. 
  • Goal motivation ie; to improve focus at work or school. 
  • Helping you connect to your Higher Self.
  • Balance of chakras & energetic system. (Energetic centres are used in Acupuncture, Massage, Homeopathy, Thai Chi etc).
  • Channeling Universal Life-Force energy to oneself or others. 
  • Sending healing to our sweet Earth, in the form of a kind of prayer/positive thought.​


More Meditation Classes scheduled soon 

Virginia Hey teaches Deep Relaxation, De-stress, hour and a half Guided Meditation class from time to time. A great way to relax & de-stress your mind & body.  

Miss Hey just completed 3 weeks classes n the beautifu city of Bath, UK.    

Questions: Email Virginia Hey meditation@virginiahey.com

A wonderful article on my Meditation class, by Bath Weekend Magazine January 4th. (Also in the hard copy of the magazine Jan 7th 2017) www.bathchronicle.co.uk/former-bond-girl-brings-her-beauty-secret-to-bath-with-new-meditation-classes/story-30004441-detail/story.html

The review of my class by Bath Weeend Magazine:


        All content on this site is the sole property of Virginia Hey and must not be copied without Miss Heys permission.  
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I am mesmerized by the way life "ticks" in every way. It amazes me how shortsighted the medical profession can be in that they tend to treat the "effect/symptom'' rather than the "cause"..

We are built as a whole, at one with LITERALLY EVERYTHING, and not as a bundle of disjointed parts.. It saddens me that people get sick and wonder why they are not getting better when they are not changing their lifestyles and diets and mind framework.

'' It is almost impossible to listen to ones body through all the manic chatter of chemical intervention via alcohol, poor diet and cigarettes and drugs.''

​To treat a DIS-EASE or to de-stress one must change the flow of energies throughout the entire being, physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally.

Diet, exercise, Meditation (mindfullness)  are all a beginning to achieve balance.

De-stressing is vital! I know, I experience enormous stress.. they say you teach what you need most!

Im not perfect, Im flawed like everyone else on Earth. I suffer from heartbreak and low esteem like any mere mortal! 

Im just a plain person keen to learn my lifes lessons, learn from my mistakes and move on toward living to the fullest potential I can in every changing stage of life. I crave the beauty and honour of life and to share it as best I can and try to encourage others to live to their fullest potential too.

Everyone is different, our fullest potential cannot be compared to anyone else! Its the fullest potential that YOU can achieve for YOU thats important. 

Dont measure yourself against anyone else. We all have different DNA, different genes, different upbringing that affects our course and structure and mind and emotions. Set your OWN potential and aim for it. Start today in small steps!

My Key of Life Meditation ©, or indeed any Meditation, is terribly important as the very first step toward listening to your body and communication with your body and mind and soul.

it really is almost impossible to listen to ones body through all the manic chatter of chemical intervention via alcohol, poor diet and cigarettes and drugs.

 Make a start!

So tomorrow, open a window, get fresh air in, and when you can, sit out in a park and absorb all the healing energy available free. Drink clean water, cut out junk fatty chemical rich foods, limit alcohol, cut-out cigarettes, Nicotine and recreational drugs. 

Clear your mind! How can you think and feel and act clearly with a chemical cluttered mind. 

Exercise, even if its taking the stairs up one flight instead of the elevator... Meditate!  That is a start in itself!!


        All content on this site is the sole property of Virginia Hey and must not be copied without Miss Heys permission.  
                                                         Copyright Virginia Hey 1976-2017           All Rights Reserved



Virginia Hey, devotee of health and well-being, is best known worldwide for her various roles on TV and film. However, since the age of 14 Miss Hey has also pursued her passion for all things involving natural therapies and inner and outer beauty. She tours the world making personal appearances and teaching Meditation. Virginia taught health, nutrition, beauty and style (she was a fashion editor twice) for 30 years in Australia, and has taught Meditation for 22 years. Virginia Hey shares that Meditation is her number one health, beauty and wellbeing secret. 

How did she become a teacher?

Virginia began her life long passion for Meditation as a child of 14 discovering books her brother brought back from India. The first of the books was Lobsang Rampa ''The Third Eye''.. LOL Very esoteric and too advanced for a 14 year old mind but it spared an interest that was life-long. As an adult she has pursued the study of Meditation within many modalities of natural healing.

In 1985 Virginia studied Visualization Meditation for 3 years. 1992 Virginia began a triple diploma course in Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine, she attended one year full time at The Australasian College Of Natural Therapies and left to star in a movie “Signal One”. 

 In 1994 She went onto study and become certified in Basic Reiki and Advanced 3rd level Reiki with Barbara McGregor who is a master teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. In 1996 Virginia began a 2 year course, “Higher Self Connection”, gaining several certificates in natural therapies and began teaching Meditation to small groups of like-minded folk. Virginia went on to developing and using an advanced method of remote Reiki that indiginous peoples of Australia and America have used for centuries. She teaches some of that technique in her Meditation classes. 

What is ''Visualization'' ? 

I use imagery to induce a feeling of peace and well-being, healing and enlightenment. With your eyes closed I ''suggest'' you place your minds eye in imaginary peaceful settings in nature, at other times we imagine colored light bathing us and healing us. I will guide you through all the imagination and you will find they soothe you and help you heal and help you focus and attain goals. The athletes use this technique to help them focus and ''win''. Therapists use this technique to take you to the most peaceful place within you. I call that place the Command Centre! .. More about that in the class.

 You will sit or lie in a comfortable position and focus on my voice guiding you into a deep state of relaxation. Once there we will work on attaining a special goal for you!

 Your mind and sub conscious does the work, I simply guide you with my voice. Positive thought is the most powerful tool we as humans have. Your own thoughts and your inner voice can help heal you, and change the very core of your thought processes and motivation structure. You just need to be able to tap into your ''command centre!'' 

 Meditation is vital for stress release & relaxation, to help with insomnia, to help heal oneself of a specific illness & strengthen Immune function, lower blood pressure, to charge oneself with more self confidence, to focus on a specific goal or direction. And my advance classes are great for helping you connect to your Higher Self, channeling Universal Life-Force energy to oneself or others and balancing of chakras & energetic system.

The general meditations that I teach are for all adults and all religions. They are all encompassing and perfect for all levels of expertise, from beginners to the highly experienced.  

Beginners meditation

My classes are for beginners and intermediate students. The advanced classes an by arranged by request from 15 students.

During the Beginners meditation you will be taught to deeply relax, de-stress and calm your system like never before. In your mind's eye, I will ask you to bathe your entire body in imaginary colours of the chakras. I will teach you to strengthen your immune system, send yourself and others (including pets) healing, and lastly we send healing to the Earth. Your Higher Self will be called upon to assist. 

The classes are simple and yet powerfully effective in de-stressing and assisting in healing oneself. 

More Meditation Classes scheduled soon 

 Class Duration: The class comprises 30 minutes of instruction followed by a 50 minute meditation. 

At the end of the class will be 10 minutes of tips on how to do a 5 minute de-stress meditation during your busy day.

The Beginners classes are £25 GBP per person for the UK classes.
Purchase a place by sending the £25 to Miss Heys Paypal account virginia@virginiahey.com


        All content on this site is the sole property of Virginia Hey and must not be copied without Miss Heys permission.  
                                                         Copyright Virginia Hey 1976-2017           All Rights Reserved


If you would like to try some of my short meditation MP3s so you get the feel of my voice and style before taking my 90-minute guided meditation class, pop over here:  

If you have any questions, or require more information about my classes, please email me at meditation@virginiahey.com


Great Article:


By The Power of Ideas - January 5, 2017

Not all of us are neuroscientists but we do know that meditation is somewhat good for the brain. How is it good for the brain though? What kind of benefits does it actually bring? And are they significant? So many questions yet little do we know.

Having read some research by one of the world’s top neuroscientists Richie Davidson and his group of colleagues, we’ve learnt three key things about the brain:

1. You can train your brain to change
2. The change is measurable
3. New ways of thinking can change the brain for the better

According to Davidson, the practice of meditation even at a period of 30 minutes can display measurable changes in the brain which is trackable by a brain scanner. This means that daily meditation can significantly adapt your brain and improve it’s functionality.

So here are the 4 key benefits to your brain that daily meditation practice allows:

1. Increased Grey Matter

An increase in grey matter in the anterior cingulate cortex, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus.

The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), which is located just behind the brain’s frontal lobe is known for it’s ability to monitor things like cognitive flexibility and attention conflicts.The prefrontal cortex, also found close to the frontal lobe has functions based on problem solving, regulating emotions and planning. The hippocampus, which is part of the limbic system facilitates the learning and memory side of things and is sensitive to stress-related disorders.

2. Decreased Amygdala Size

The decrease in amygdala size means a decrease in cell volumes relating to fear and anxious emotions, creating a more peaceful mind.

3. Changes in Functionalities in Certain Networks

In addition to a smaller amygdala size, certain networks also start weakening after a practice of meditation. This allows the brain to strengthen and focus on higher brain functional networks instead of focusing on reactive networks.

4. Reduction in Activity in the Brain’s Center

After a meditation session, there is a decreased activity level of our Default Mode Network (DMN), which is often when our minds go walkabouts when we get distracted. After repeated levels of mindfulness, the brain becomes more efficient with its regulators. This allows us to be less reactive and actually stop, be more aware and moreaccepting to certain thoughts.